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IKF Quartermaster & Engineering Corps proudly maintain and provide information on all things Klingon. From Costuming and Culture to Props and Set Building. Most of their discussions take place on Facebook, but some basics to get you started can be found here on this page. To join us on the Q&E group click on the Graphic to the Left!

 Food and Drink:

Klingon Recipes:
While we do not yet have ALL the recipes for Klingon Cuisine,
we do have some of our favorites listed. As time goes on we will
post more from various resources. But in the meantime, feel free to enjoy what we have. Cook, Eat, Drink, and let it be GLORIOUS!!!!
Klingon Cuisine & Recipes Facebook Group:
Join our discussion group on Facebook!
Exchange recipes, stories, research, and what foods you like or don't like.


Klingon Rituals:
A list of basic Klingon Rituals found in everyday life. While we cannot know every single families traditions, the basics can help us to take part in the culture and create our own unique adaptations of such.

Klingon Culture & Rituals Facebook Group:
Join us in the discussion on Facebook for Klingon rituals, customs, and traditions.

Worf & Dax's Wedding:
Love strikes even the hardest Klingon Hearts. And in the DS9 episode
"You are cordially invited" we get a glimpse into the rituals that surround the union of two beating Klingon hearts.
We have separated this particular group of rituals and ceremony into 3 parts. The ritual itself, The Klingon Bachelor's
Party (called "The path to Kal'Haya), and The Bachelorette party (Not really a party) called "The tests of Honor."


Klin Zha Rules:
There are many universal games. Chess is one of them. Klingon Chess, or Klin Zha as it is known is one of the Oldest most well known forms of tactical gaming in all of Klingon Fandom. With these instructions you can make your own board, learn to play, and challenge others! Truly a fandom favorite since Thought Admiral John M. epetai-Ford created the basis for it in his novel The Final Reflection.
betleH Combat:
As with most cultures across the galaxy ritual combat has been seen everywhere from Entertainment to Revenge and Tournaments. In IKF we take this part of the game very seriously. Adhering to the strictest of safety rules without the need to overcompensate thereby diminishing the demonstration value and fun. This very same style and rules of combat can be seen featured in the movie Trekkies 2.

Only those over the age of 18 are allowed to participate in official tournaments as per the IKF Fighters Guild guidelines.

Costuming and Props:

Costuming on a Budget:
An article written by Chancellor Rustadzh on how to clothe your Klingon self inexpensively and quickly. Even those who do not have the sewing skills of a professional can effectively make and modify their own costuming.

Make-up Tips:
This has always been a work in progress, but still has some very noteworthy tips on making headpieces.
Another page that will be updated as often as possible.

Costuming Examples:
A rather old set of examples, but a good one.

We have plans to update this as often as possible!

Rank Insignia:
A complete listing of Klingon Rank insignia based off FASA and Canon sources. Recognized by ALL
Klingon fandom groups.

Persona Development:

K'naming your Klingon K'self:
A short guide for new Klingons on how to name thyself!
Klingon Personification:
A rather interesting look into how to not just play Klingon, but become one with attitude, honor, and glory!

Fonts and Language

Klingon Fonts:
The differences between the Ancient (FASA) fonts and Modern (Canon) font types, as well as a download link for both!
The Klingon Language Institute:
The number one resource for Klingon Language in ALL of Klingon fandom. A definite must see resource on how lo effectively learn to speak tlhIngan Hol!