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Special Announcements:

This year through the holiday months the mighty ships of the IKF will engage in a canned Food drive for homeless shelters in their areas. Links to drop off locations will be available soon.
Chancellor Kethas' State of IKF/Empire Address

Special Projects:

ikf pain sticks
ikf pain sticks

Throwback from Amazicon/the IKF International qep'a' - June 1-3, 2018 @ AMAZICON in Willmington, DE

The LARGEST gathering of IKF warriors since 2003 in Minneapolis, MN. Which was when our last one took place.  This year is VERY SPECIAL as both the Chancellor AND Vice Chancellor, members of yo' wa', yo' cha', yo' jav and other fleets will be present at this historic event. 

A celebration and festival of Life in remembrance of the late Admiral K'Vok zantai-Rustadzh fulfilling his wishes to have a KLINGON CAMPING EVENT named after him to celebrate all that he enjoyed in Klingon Fandom on the 4th anniversary of his passing the gates to Sto'vo'Kor to serve in the Black Fleet. We shall honor him, as well as all our honored dead this year, as how K'Vok wanted it. 

Upcoming Conventions & Events:  

Days of Honor- 2021: March 18-21

These 4 days are the combination of 3 separate holidays…

The FANON Holiday of the Days of Honor which is the 4 days surrounding the closest weekend to the March 23rd 1967 Airing of the TOS Episode “Errand of Mercy” which was the DEBUT of the KLINGONS

The CANON Holiday of the Day of Honor (batlhjaj) - Where a warrior evaluates his or her deeds for the past year to see whether he has been honorable or not... It is customary to serve Rokeg blood pie on this day. The traditional ceremony on the Day of Honor includes eating the heart of a sanctified targ, drinking mot'lach from the Grail of Kahless, enduring the ritual of twenty painstiks, engaging in battle with a bat'leth master, and traversing the sulfur lagoons of Gorath. (VOY: "Day of Honor") This should be the start of the DAYS OF HONOR as a day of reflection.

The BETA CANON Holiday of Empire Union Day (wo' boq'a' jaj) which is also celebrated in the 3rd month to honor the uniting of the Klingon people by Kahless. Considered to be the Klingon New year by many.



This legendary con has asked to be INVADED by IKF AGAIN!

QI'lop Festival - Oct 22-23 - Various Locations


- A holiday which comes in the tenth Klingon month. QI'lop celebrates the superiority of the Klingon military. Like most Klingon holidays QI'lop is celebrated with much eating and drinking, but it is also marked by a very peculiar custom, a guest brings a large dish of stuffed to'baj legs to a host's house and in return is allowed to take any non­-sacred item in the house. The actual origin of this custom is obscure.
(Source: Power Klingon)
Dates for Amazicon 8 TBA due to COVID-19
Wilmington, DE

FRIDAY: qep'a' registration opens, Information Table, details/improv skits, KPLA Klingon Radio streaming broadcast, IKF Meet & Greet party.

SATURDAY: Breakfast Hunt, Table Details, Klingon Academy Demo, BetleH Demo, BetleH Tournament, High Council Meeting, IKF Parade, IKF State Dinner, IKF Party (in sync with Con Party).

SUNDAY: Pack out & Breakfast Hunt, Table details, Klingon Academy Demo II, BetleH Demo.

matagh maH (WE BEGIN) Festival - AUG 1


This festival is a celebration of the day IKF was FORGED into fandom with blood, sweat, and tears!

On this day (or weekend day closest to it) we celebrate our beginnings, Klingon Culture, and remember our honored dead and the contributions they made to enrich our lives!

Feast of the Long Night (ram nI' tay) - Typically Dec 21
Various Dates and Locations


A winter solstice festival celebrated on the longest night of the local year (e.g. Dec. 21 on Earth).
It most likely stems from a community need to share resources during the leanest hunting season; in modern times the holiday is
marked by a large feast, exchanging of gifts and a tradition of charitable giving.
(SOURCE: Klingon Christmas Carol)

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